Welcome to my new foray into the wonderful world of the self-hosted Ghost platform.

a year ago

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Welcome to my new blog.

Those of you that know me could probably describe me in a few choice words, many of them revolving around technology. For years I used Wordpress as my platform of choice for creating my own sites. Recently though I have gravitated towards the Ghost platform. A platform that deals less with the aesthetics of what my blog is supposed to look like and more into writing for it. Ghost is minimal, slick and efficient.

Currently I am hosting this blog via DigitalOcean, though depending on my wants and needs moving into the future, I might think of transitioning to Ghost's own paid platform aptly named Ghost Pro. Currently I am utilising DigitalOcean's entry level droplet (their name for a server), and the entry level Ghost Pro plan starts at $29/month. Certainly from a security perspective Ghost Pro is a no brainer, but since my blog is small, I'll take the opportunity to explore how to keep my server secure. It also saves me $24 per month.

So far it's been quite good, a few hiccups but nothing that a little google-fu couldn't fix. I'd certainly recommend the platform for those of you who want something small, and sharp. Reminds me a lot of Medium with its feel. Certainly far removed from Wordpress, because that is just incredibly bloated. I don't mean that to sound negative and I wouldn't knock Wordpress for other use cases but for a simple blog, it can be a bit of overkill.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of the content i'll be uploading over the next little while (when I stop procrastinating). If anyone has any helpful tips, or general advice about DigitalOcean or Ghost, please hit me up on Twitter or via Email.

Stay curious,


Björn Rostron

Published a year ago