This is a quick rundown on what Todoist can do and how I use it.

2 years ago

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I have been using Todoist for about 3 years now and it has become one of the most fully featured Todo list platforms out there.

With this Note-Taking series there will be 3 major categories I will be talking about for each platform. Features, Price and a general overview of how it fits into my day-to-day.


The best way for me to show what Todoist can do is for Todoist themselves to tell you. Here is a run-down of their feature set.

As you can see this is not Apple Notes or Google Keep. The free version while completely serviceable is completely eclipsed by a few very important features that I use a lot. Namely, File Uploads, location reminders and iCal synchronisation.

File Uploads

Simply put File uploads allow you to attach a file to the task directly. That could be a pdf, other link. This is really handy especially if you require certain files to complete the task for a form or template.

Location Reminders

This is probably the one that I use the most, it essentially allows you to to set a reminder for a specific location. In my case, there are certain tasks that I would like to complete at the office but not if I am working from home. In this way I can ensure that I don't get unnecessarily reminded. Some people I know use it to remind them to pick up milk when they go past the shops. Such a handy feature. It can occasionally misfire but it has only ever happened very rarely.

iCal Sync

This feature essentially allows you to connect tasks (with a due date) into your calendar of choice. Fairly simple implementation, i.e. it is not a dynamic two-way sync but rather just a one way transfer of your task 'feed'. I find it useful for important jobs and projects (like my Phd) so that I have multiple spaces where I reminded about specific jobs and tasks I need to complete.

Available Platforms

One of the other really important features is the availability on your chosen platform. Essentially, Todoist is available everywhere. It supports all the major OSs and since it is also a web app, you can access it anywhere with a browser.


As can be seen in the inserted image above, there is a free tier with basic access to the platform. Todoist Premium (what I have) is AUD$4 per month billed annually or AUD$48.  There is also a business tier which essentially adds team support for AUD$7 per month billed Annually. Todoist do give you a free month of premium when you sign up to give you a taste, and you can always use the free tier for as long as you like to test drive the platform.

Day-to-Day workflow

Essentially I use Todoist to offload the cognitive load of remembering important stuff. That could be tasks around the house, bills, health and of course work.

There are a couple of important UI/UX ideas you need to know about before starting. At the top level there are Projects, then tags as well as priority levels.

Inserted below is a snapshot of one of my Projects [Reading].

As you can see it is a very clean and efficient interface. Very suitable to allow easy checking off of tasks that need to be finished. You can also see my use of tags so I can see directly where that piece of reading is from, namely

Björn Rostron

Published 2 years ago