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Welcome to Transcending Digital Space.

My name is Björn and I am currently completing a PhD with Western Sydney University under my supervisory panel comprised of Dr Jenna Condie, Dr Garth Lean and Professor Phillip O'Neill.

My project is investigating the technology both hardware and software that is used to create a 'smart city'. What does the usage of this emergent technology mean for culture, social space, the economy and expression of our collective humanity? How does the rapid integration of 'smart' technology impact how people, communities and businesses move through contested physical spaces. This research is specifically interested in the rapid development that is and will be occurring around the new Western Sydney Airport at Badgery's Creek. The aerotropolis will be one of the first of its kind in Australia with an almost unprecedented level of financial investment. What does this aerotropolis mean for the edge cities like Liverpool and Penrith?

I also teach various undergraduate and postgraduate level courses. To see my full CV please visit my Linkedin page.

This platform will be a place for me to explore the things that I am interested in, share my PhD journey as well as dig down into some of the trends, and future pathways of our relationship with emerging technologies.

I always love to interact with like-minds as well as those with opposing views. Hit me up on Twitter or via Email.

Stay curious,